By C. L Cunningham
I made a blog post a while back 5 things to do before the end of the year.

I have currently completed 3 of those things. Can I get a whoo hoo!

Today I did Runyon Canyon. It was a breezy 90 something degrees. My cell phone decided not to work as soon as I got to Union Station (go figure) making me have to find alternative transportation.

I asked the universe for a cheaper ride and once again it answered. I got a $7 ride there and back instead of a potential  $14 to $30 taking the metro underground train.

I had to walk 30 mins there and back instead.

Which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. By walking instead of riding I was able to fulfil a request from my sister in Nebraska. She asked me to get a picture of her favorite group of all times Hollywood walk of fame star.

Wish granted! And I found my childhood favorite group too. New kids on the block 😂.  

All in all the day turned out great. I’m a bit sore and achy. Plus I still have a train ride and bus to catch. But I won’t complain about it because I have no complaints.

Wishing you all Peace and Blessings 🌻 Namaste

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