By C L Cunningham

As you may know by now I am a fan of Instagram. Now don’t get me wrong I check the other social sites too, but I check my IG religiously. I am also a fan of empowering other women. I believe that as a woman it’s my duty to prise each other. I took the time out to pick sum of my favorite IG accounts of women getting their hustle on. Some you may know some you might be just getting introduced to. Here are my top nine.

All photos are courtesy of Instagram



Can you say oo la la? I found this gorgeous Lady and had to hit the follow button! Her natural look and flowing curls are adorable.

Cardi B


This woman is hilarious. She is an exotic dancer and a comedian all in one. She speaks her mind in every way.



A beautiful mother and saleswoman. Check out her pg and her clothing. I know you won’t be disappointed by either.

Ashley Martelle


She is one of the newest members of Taz’s Angel’s. You thought Charlie had Angel’s. Well this guy had a host of them and they are all as beautiful as Ashley.

Gianna Nicole


This looker is more than meets the eye. She is truly a hustler. Check out her pg, better yet Google her!



This naturalist is a beauty with a purpose. Health and wellness never go out of style. And she promotes both.

Neeandra Brooks


Can you say model? She has been seen in videos and ads. Using her talent and not just her looks. As a fellow dancer I truly applaud her.

Brittanya Razavi


This entrepreneur has a wonderful clothing line. As a wife and mother she is taking her businesses to new heights.

Kayla Cadorna


What!!! A fire performaning beauty. Now tha takes guts. This suicide girl has skill and talent all rolled up into one awesome shell.

I urge you all to check out these ladies and of course follow me on my IG pg.

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